Average Time To Play A Golf Match

If you’re a beginner to golf sport, it’s likely that you’ve once wondered how long it takes to play an 18-hole round of golf.

The answer for an 18-hole match is nearly 4 hours. However, the pace of play depends mostly on players’ skills, the complication of the course and the density of people who are on the course simultaneously. Another way to reduce the amount is to use a golf cart to travel among all the holes on a course.

time of golf game


Average time for a hole

18-hole rounds

On average, it should take 13 minutes to complete a hole (4 hours for 18 holes). The par-3s, par-4s and par-5s are supposed to take 10 minutes, 13 minutes and 15 minutes respectively

However, that’s the average time with a full foursome (players compete in teams of two, using only one ball and taking shots alternately) match. If you are playing less than four players, the play time can be reduced.

On an empty course, an individual or a well-trained twosome can play an 18-hole match in only 2 hours and that can be done by walking or traveling with golf carts. Reversely, on a busy course, a round can last to nearly 6 hours because after each shot, you have to wait for the others to take their turns.

9-hole rounds

On the other hand, if you are playing a 9-hole round of golf, it’s supposed to be done in only 2 hours, alternatively you can finish it in only under 1 hour by playing alone on a sparse course.


Ways to speed up the pace

Prepare For The Battle

You will need 5-10 mins to prepare golf devices and golf accesories. For example, you will need to adjust setting of golf gadget such best golf rangefinder or golf GPS watch to mare sure the setting is match with the golf playing ground.


By asking your teammates to finish a hole quickly once they’re on putting green, it will save you up 2 minutes per each hole

Ready Golf

Ready Golf is a term commonly used to indicate that players in a group don’t need to play through their traditional order; they should play as soon as they are able to do so. By this way, a team can save up to 30 minutes per round

Good Cart

If you are required to ride a golf cart, remember that driving it effectually can help you reduce the mean time between shots.

Quick stops at the turn

After nine holes (half a match), it’s fine to just stop by the clubhouse or shop to have a drink or just to relax, but make sure that it’s quick enough for the group to proceed further.

Playing the proper tees

Choosing a tee which is suitable to your skills and your abilities to play is significantly crucial. If you are not good at long hitting or breaking-100 (a term indicating that you must use less than 100 strokes to complete an 18-hole round) playing, choosing back tees to play is not advised. Also, there’s a formula helping you to choose the appropriate course: Multiply your average driving distance with 25; here you will have a proper length for your course

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