How Do You Buy Golf Rangefinders For Different Purposes?

Golf is a sport that requires a high level of commitment from the players. Everything that involves in playing golf can never be taken lightly. Buying tools for your game can give you a headache. The same thing will happen when you buy a golf rangefinder. So, let’s find out how to buy the best golf rangefinder to fit your purpose.


Practice game

Practice game is your process of becoming a professional player. When you have played enough game, your skills will be upgraded. In a practice game, only you and your swings matter. So it is best to select a rangefinder that is capable of doing as much as possible.

It means that you should buy the best golf rangefinder that has many modes and functions such as pin-seeking, reticle, scan mode, waterproof, etc. The more expensive your rangefinder is, the more modes it tends to have. Having a rangefinder like that will unlock your full potential. Basically, you can practice all the skills you need if your rangefinder has many functions. For instance, you can estimate the distance to your target with your own eyes and then check it with your rangefinder to see if you were correct. You can choose what club to use for the slope and then check it with the statistic on your rangefinder.

Weather and the dark shall not stop you if your rangefinder is capable of working when it rains and windy as well as when it is dark. Basically, you need a rangefinder that can do anything and be with you anytime. Practice games are where you find your true ability so don’t let anything to limit you.

Competing with others

Things get tricky when you are in a competitive game and both parties agree to use a rangefinder. The game could turn out to be so unfair if one rangefinder has more functions than the other. If your rangefinder only tells you about the distance and your opponent’s tells them about the wind speed also, you are in trouble. So it is quite hard to have a fair game.

In this case, you can borrow two rangefinders from your golf club as most of the clubs will have this kind of service. Or, you would need to make an agreement with your opponent beforehand so that both of you could agree on which kind of rangefinder should be used.


You’ve probably know about how people have been arguing whether or not a rangefinder should be allowed in tournaments. Nowadays, most tournaments will allow you to use a laser rangefinder as long as it only measures the distance.

So the good news is that you won’t have to waste a lot of money buying a rangefinder for tournaments as a basic one would be nice to go. However, it is also recommended that you check the website or the rules of the tournament to see which specific brand or type of rangefinder they recommend

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