Is A Golf Rangefinder Really Worth Buying?

One of the questions that have been asked a lot is that: is a golf rangefinder really worth that much money? Is it worth buying?

Before answering this question, let’s go through what best golf rangefinders are capable of:


Measuring the distance with high precision

The main job of a golf rangefinder is to measure the distance from where you are to a target that is far away. Laser rangefinders will send a laser beam toward the target and the laser beam is later reflected back to the rangefinder. The rangefinder will calculate the distance based on the time that the beam has traveled. This method is highly precise although you may have two different results from two different rangefinders. But it should only about a couple of yards difference.

Helping you to develop your terrain-reading skills

The fastest way to learn how to read the field is not to read books or letting someone lecture you about it. You have to get on the field and try that on your own. Practicing is the only way for you to develop a sense of distance, wind and the steepness of the ground.

The great thing about your rangefinder is that it allows you to check if you were correct. You just need to estimate everything with your own eyes and later on check the result with your rangefinder. By continue doing so, your rangefinder has already taught you a lot with your senses of the terrain. It is a great tool for self-studying.

How much is a rangefinder

Just like any other golfing tools, a rangefinder is quite expensive to buy. They should cost you about at least $200 to $600 for a high-quality one. The reason why they are so expensive is because the machine inside is quite complex and they use modern technologies. You don’t really have to spend all of your money to buy the best golf rangefinder. But just make sure that you don’t buy a piece of plastic with the laser in it.

However, if you compare that to other methods of reading the field like attending a golf class, using GPS or buying binoculars, a golf rangefinder still gives you a lot of price advantage. It is a permanent tool that you can use for as long as you want.

Other methods are just temporary. A pair of binoculars can cost you a lot of money but it doesn’t tell you the exact distance). Attending classes may help you to learn new things but your reading skill is something that you need to practice and experience on your own. Using your GPS requires you to pay monthly for its subscription and it doesn’t really help you when you need something to check your result. In the long term, a GPS will eventually cost more than a rangefinder.

So is it really worth it?

Yes, definitely. It’s similar when asking is a smart phone really worth all of that money when you can use a classic phone. You don’t have to buy a rangefinder but having one would definitely make things a lot more convenient for you.

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