Golf Rangefinders’ Special Features

Laser rangefinders are helpful when it comes to golf. People are really spending a lot on buying a good rangefinder so that they can improve the games. Some models can worth up to $1000. The reason why rangefinders are so expensive nowadays is because manufacturers are coming up with all kind of different features that can help the game easier to play. Here are some features of best golf rangefinders that you may want to know:



Similar to a pair of binoculars, your rangefinder will allow you to have a closer look at the target. By being able to do so, you wouldn’t have to waste your breath walking around and examine it with your bare eyes. This will help you to plan your strategy better. Also, having a closer look can help you to avoid hitting your ball into a bad position like hazard or a hill.


Having trouble measuring the distance to a target that is so far away? With the reticle feature, your rangefinder will be able to lock down your target easily and the distance will be displayed on the screen almost instantly when you press the button.

This features will not only make the measurement easier for you, it also helps you to be more precise. Golf games are long and you can get tired to the point that your hands would be shaking. Only in such moments will you say thanks to the pin reticle feature.

Pinseeking feature

We all know how frustrating it is when we try to measure the distance to the flagstick that is so far away due to its slim shape. The pin-seeking feature is programmed so that when you press the button, your rangefinder will automatically scan for the flagstick. It shall circle the flagstick on the screen and gives you the correct distance to the flagstick. This feature is handy when you are in the middle of the game and want to take your ball to the green with just one or a few hits.

Scan Mode

The scan mode is excellent when it comes to planning your strategy. When you turn on the scan mode, your rangefinder will basically scan everything in front of it and displays the distance to different targets and marks that you can choose from. This mode can save you a lot of time from picking a target. Also, you would be able to adjust your strategy then choose the right club to make your next swing if there are many targets you can choose from.

Waterproof, shock-resistant

Besides from all the modern digital technologies, the best golf rangefinder still can’t be the best rangefinder if it can’t stand against the weather. Accidents happen in sport all the time. You may accidentally drop your rangefinder onto the ground or submerge it into the water. It can be raining unexpectedly. When things like that happen, you need to make sure that you have a rangefinder that would still be in one piece after going through all of that.

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