How To Play Golf When You Are Busy

The honest answer to know how long the golf-playing time has in a play-golf ground is “taking as long as it takes”. Because golf is not a time game like football, basketballs, etc. and there are several changes which might affect the amount of playing time. On the one hand, the number of golfers, the complex courses, skill levels of all players, and the number of played holes totally impact on the entire time.


Estimate the average time of playing a round

In general, the average time to play a round of 18 holes is about 4 hours. To complete a round in 4 hours, you should take about 15 minutes on each hole. This time includes the walking or riding time from hole to hole. However, the play time also depends on the various courses.

How to play golf with less time

With busy persons, 4-hour play time is a time-consuming game. Nonetheless, you can reduce the play time.

Find the right time to play

When beginning a game, you ought to think that you will take much time to prepare and play. The fact is you should check your schedule again and arrange the time for outdoor activities. You do not need to take your whole day on the course to enjoy this game. You just spend 4 or 5 hours only.

Identify various courses

In fact, golf courses are grouped in three main ways – sizes (18 holes, 9 holes, par-3, approach courses, and executive courses), access (public courses, private courses, resort courses, semi-private courses), and design (links courses, parkland courses, and desert courses).

If you want to play golf with less time, then you could choose a 9-hole course, a par-3 or an executive course only.

Use a golf rangefinder

Distance is an important factor to have a successful course. Experienced golfers enable to estimate the distance by observing physical things, but it is often inaccurate.

In this case, they need to use a golf rangefinder to check the distance, especially for determining some fixed points like a flag and green land.

Moreover, they can get reliable databases on a ground. All they need is finding the best golf rangefinder.

Consider additional factors

The place and the period of time in one year to play a ground impact on your play time. If you play a round in some modern areas in Northern states during the summertime, you will be surprised that golfers spend more than five hours in a course because they also have the tee times. In Florida, the play time in the summer is shorter than in the winter.

The number of players in a group or a team is another factor affecting the play time. A team of all beginners might take much time to learn how to challenge a round while professionals can have an advanced level to overcome.


Finally, you have already known some factors that will affect the play time in a course. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, there are always some right options for you to attend a round. Then, you should practice your skill to get the best result at the end.

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