Top 5 Beer In The World

Top 5 best beers in the world are selected and rated by all beer drinkers worldwide. These best beers are also the best in Viet Nam since when you have a chance to try, you will remember them forever and you can’t deny their perfect tastes.

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  1. Passionfruit: This is a secret beer of Cigar City Brewing (America). It has a perfect pink color and a taste of unique fruits. Especially, recipe and key of making this beer are still an unrevealed secret. Drinkers agree that it has a unique color and taste. They all say Passionfruit is worth trying. The secret to make the taste of this beer is the container. It was stored in the best kegerator and this is the best container to retain the flavor of the beer.
  2. Dark beer Speedway Stout: This beer is viscous and it has a special black color. Speedway Stout is a product of AleSmith Brewing-an American company. It has high level of alcohol. Especially, coffee is added to this beer that makes its taste unique. Speedway Stout’s brewing process is very sophisticated and precise. After adding coffee into this beer, it will be brewed in oak barrels at least one year. Speedway Stout has specific black color and beer foam is white. When you drink it, you will taste the taste of coffee and dark chocolate first, and then you will taste other special tastes. Try it and sense it’s special taste.
  3. Limited quantity Pliny the Younger: This is a product of Russian River. Pliny the Younger is produced carefully, meticulously and costly. Producer has to invest in it a lot of labour, money and time. Beer fans thirst for Pliny the Younger. Every year, it is produced once in February. In two weeks of brewing it, they can only produce a limited quantity. Anyone wanting to buy it has to wait for a long time. It is introduced in the morning and until evening, Pliny the Younger is sold out. This beer is suitable for people who want to drink beer to relax. Drinkers will feel balance and pleasantness.
  4. Unique Hopslam: This is a famous brand of Bells Brewery. It is brewed by many different hops. At the beginning, producer uses six types of hop and put them in a barrel to brew. After that, they put in many dry hop (which has an unique taste that no others have in North West Pacific). Finally, wheat and honey are added to that barrel. Hopslam has the aroma of honey and a viscid yellow color. And of course, its taste is totally unique.
  5. The Abyss: This is a product of Deschutes Brewery, an American company. Abyss is produced from December to February every year. This is a special beer of Deschutes. It has a unique black color preventing light goes through, that’s why it’s called the Abyss. The taste of Abyss is very sophisticated and you can sense the aroma of oak since Abyss is brewed in oak barrel.

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